Open Enrollment - Statewide Enrollment Options

If you reside in the state of Minnesota but you are not a resident of ISD 200 and wish to enroll in the Hastings Public Schools (Early Childhood Special Education, K-12), please complete the following application and submit along with the other required enrollment information. This information should be sent to the school you are registering your child for grades 5-12; for grades K-4, please submit required paperwork to the district office where building placement will be determined. If your child already attends Hastings Public Schools and you move out of the district (in MN), please complete the following application and submit to your child's school.

General Statewide Enrollment Options Application

Statewide enrollment options, also known as open enrollment, is Minnesota’s public school choice option that allows students and parents to have access to schools that are not within their resident district. This program allows student enrollment from one Minnesota school district into another. The applications must be physically signed by the parent or legal guardian. Please click here for additional assistance in completing the open enrollment application.

PLEASE NOTE: Families who reside outside of Minnesota are not eligible for open enrollment. If you have questions about out of state tuition amounts and requirements, please contact Becky Garcia Carrasco - [email protected]