Hastings Bus Company
425 31st Street East
Hastings, Minnesota 55033

Phone (651) 437-1888

Fax (651) 438-3319

For transportation routing questions, please contact Hastings Bus Company.  For other questions, please contact Jennifer Seubert at (651) 480-7005.

Conduct on School Buses and Consequences for Misbehavior

Walking Distance
The walking distance for elementary students is a .75 mile radius from the school.
The walking distance for secondary students is a 1.75 mile radius from the school.

Courtesy Routes
Courtesy routes allow secondary students who live within the walking radius of the Middle School or High School to ride a designated courtesy route at no charge.  Middle School students riding the courtesy routes will be supervised in the cafeteria before and after school.

CESO Transportation (Special Education Routing)
For more information on Special Education Transportation,  click here.

District #200 Transportation Contracts 

Attached are District #200 Hastings Public Schools Transportation Contracts. If you have questions regarding this contract please contact the District Office.