Teaching & Learning

Mission: The Teaching and Learning department, focused ultimately on student learning,  facilitates collaborative processes that support educators to enhance and refine their understanding and use of  pedagogical practices and instructional resources to best serve their students.

Vision: Driven by a growth mindset, educators in Hastings are eager learners who ensure a thoughtful preschool to grade 12 educational journey that intentionally  builds from grade level to the next.

Values: To reach our vision, together we must focus on continuous improvement, deeply understand both adult and student learning, and lean into the cognitive coaching culture. 

Department of Teaching and Learning  Staff:

Rachel Larson  
Director of Teaching & Learning  (651) 480-7011

Becky Garcia Carrasco  Administrative Assistant  (651) 480-7010

Andy Larson Elementary Teacher on Special Assignment (651) 480-7036

Alex Hermida  
Equity Coordinator (651) 480-7643