Facilities/Health & Safety

The Facility Maintenance/Health & Safety Department is the place to call if you have a concern in these areas. Please contact any of the following people:

Maintenance/Buildings and Grounds:
Cameron Peterson  Director of Buildings & Grounds (641) 590-6408                     
Steve Yanz   Grounds Supervisor (651) 304-0398

 Krystel Ebel  Administrative Assistant  (651) 480-7050
Please contact Krystel with any Health and Safety related questions.

Bloodborne Pathogens
Please click above to access the Bloodborne Pathogen Plan and the Post-Exposure Incident Packet.

Safe Schools EmployeeTraining Site

Please click above to access the Hastings Public Schools Health and Safety Online Training Program.

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Info
Please Click above to access the Hastings Public Schools, Safety Data Sheet (SDS) System and to view a description of the purpose of a Safety Data Sheet.

Radon Gas Testing

Asbestos Notification
Indoor Air Quality Notification
Lead in Water Notification
Pesticide and Herbicide Notification