Should I Send My Child to School?

Illness and Keeping your Child Home

A student should not come to school (and may be sent home from school) if they have or have had:

  • a fever of 100 degrees F or more in the past 24 hours
  • vomiting or diarrhea in the past 24 hours
  • an undiagnosed skin rash

Reporting Absences

Please call the appropriate number below to report your student's absence each day your student is ill. Please report the reason for the absence. If your student is ill please report the symptoms and/or any diagnosed communicable condition like chicken pox, strep throat, cough and fever, influenza, or pink eye.

Kennedy (651) 480-7220
McAuliffe (651) 480-7390
Pinecrest (651) 480-7280
Middle School (651) 480-7061 or (651) 480-7062
High School (651) 480-7477

Please contact the school health office if your student has an injury or change in their health that will impact their school day. Accommodations will be made according to your doctor's orders to keep your student safe at school. A doctor's order is required to remove students from physical education class, and again when they are cleared to return.