Immunization Form
Please use the Student Immunization Form to provide immunization dates to the Health Office at your child's school. This form also includes the legal exemption form.

No Shots, No School
In order to attend school, students must show that they're in compliance with Minnesota School Immunization Requirements (see Minnesota Department of Health Link below for more Information). Hastings Schools has adopted a No Shots, No School Policy. This policy states that students who are not up to date on their immunizations will not be allowed to start school until they provide the school with documentation that they have received the required immunizations. Parents/guardians may choose to decline immunizations for their students by filing a legal exemption with the school.

Parents/guardians may check their student's immunization status with the school by logging on to School View. To see the immunization records, click on the HEALTH tab. If your student's immunization status says "current for grade" in ALL immunizations required by law, then the student is up to date and ready for the start of school. If your child is not current, they will need to get the required immunizations.

Non-medical exemption

A child is not required to have an immunization that is against their parent or guardian’s beliefs. However, choosing not to vaccinate may put the health or life of your child or others they come in contact with at risk. Unvaccinated children who are exposed to a vaccine-preventable disease may be required to stay home from child care, school, and other activities in order to protect them and others.