Weather Related Closing/Delay


The Hastings Public Schools website is the fastest and most accurate to find out if the district has closed or delayed their start time. This is the first place where this information will appear once determination has been made. By checking the web you can avoid missing our school district listing while watching the television or having to flip through channels because you see Hastings Public Schools listed on one channel but not on another. In addition, we will continue, as always, to have our closing information announced on KDWA Radio, 1460 AM and Channels 4, 5, 9 and 11.

When school is canceled for any reason:

  • The first weather-related day will be just a weather cancellation (not an e-learning day).  

  • After the first weather day, all other days will be e-learning days.  Students and families will be communicated with and the day will be either asynchronous (students checking their Schoology for the day's work as described in section 1 below) or synchronous (following the schedule in section 2 below).

Visit our Asynchronous e-Learning Days site for more information.