Welcome to the Hastings ISD 200 DonorsChoose crowdfunding page!

DonorsChoose is a nonprofit website that Hastings School District has decided to utilize in order to facilitate the ability for teachers to propose different projects to be funded through the use of crowdfunding from the public. 

How does it work?

All project proposals will go through a screening process and are meant to be used to purchase materials or provide experiences above and beyond what the school district is required to provide.  

Upon approval, the projects will be posted on the Hastings School District website with a link to the fundraiser.  This will direct community members to the DonorsChoose website which will provide community members with further information about the different projects available for funding.  There will also be information posted in the Hastings E-News bulletins as well as building level newsletters.

Once a particular project has been fully funded, will order the items specified in the proposal and ship the items to the school.  

Why DonorsChoose?

  • DonorsChoose will provide the requested materials directly to the school district vs. the funds.
  • The items purchased will be the property of the school district.
  • Transparency throughout the entire process as well as reporting visibility.
  • All donations made to DonorsChoose are deductible for donors.

Who can request donations? 

The use of the DonorsChoose crowdfunding is meant to be used by  those who work directly with students at least 75% of the time.  In other words: teachers, librarians, therapists, guidance counselors, school nurses, and teachers who act as coaches.  

Who can make donations?
Donations can be made by anybody who would like to contribute to a specific project.  Not only are these projects able to be funded by the local community, but they can be viewed and funded nationally as well.

Open Projects for Donations:

Completed Projects:
- Graphing Technology for All! (2019-2020 School Year)
- Parasitic Worms and Creatures of the Sea (2020-2021 School Year)