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Contacts by Group    
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Group Name Contact Person Phone Number
District Office Staff
Contact your immediate supervisor  
Custodial Group Krystel Ebel or Cameron Peterson (651) 480-7050 or (641) 590-6408
Food Service Group Contact site lead cook or Brittney Hirschauer (651) 480-7126 
Health Services Group Casey Likes or Mary Ellen Fox (651) 480-7042 or (651) 480-7353
Special Services PSAs Casey Likes or  Jill Petersen (651) 480-7042 or
(651) 480-7008
Tech Support Group Missy Williams (651) 480-7012 
OASIS Mark Cernohous or Steve Kovach (651) 480-7131 or
(651) 480-7060 
CE Early Childhood  Angie McGinnis (651) 480-7678 
CE School Age Care Contact site lead or [email protected] (651) 480-7676 
 Instructional Asst (Building); Title 1; Instructional Lab Tech; Secretaries; & Student Asst
Kennedy Elementary LynDee Humble or Kyle Latch (651) 480-7221 
Pinecrest Elementary Cheryl Niebur or Paul Bakker  (651) 480-7280 
McAuliffe Elementary Melinda Zajac or Matt Esterby (651) 480-7390 
Middle School Kristina Cook or Steve Kovach  (651) 480-7060
High School Sue Beskau or Scott Doran (651) 480-7470
ALC  Julie Henrichs or Todd Levos  (651) 480-7690 
TimeClock Set Up Questions Andrea Seleski or Jennifer Burg (651) 480-7007 or
(651) 480-7006