Human Rights

The ISD #200 Human Rights Officer (HRO) is responsible for addressing and attempting to stop violations of human rights within the school district, both as it relates to staff and to students. The HRO gathers information regarding human rights violations and coordinate efforts to intervene if necessary. The duties of  a HRO include identifying human rights violations, gathering information and facts, interviewing those violated and the violators,

The ISD #200 Human Rights Officer Contact Info:

Deanna Werner
Office Phone: 651-480-7002
Cell Phone:  651-283-5971

Below you will find the to the district's policies regarding bullying and harassment, as well as the forms needed to report any violations of either of these policies.  You may also report violations by calling or emailing the HRO directly by using any of the contact info above.  

Bullying Report Form
Policy 514-Bullying

Policy 413-Harassment-Violence
Human Rights Complaint Form